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Jace Jones has eyes set on Globe Trotting.

October 7, 2016

Hawaii is an ideal vacation spot most people plan to go to when they’re older, yet this student has been lucky to experience this beauty earlier in life and now wants to go global.

    Jace Jones, a 17-year- old Running Start student, first visited Hawaii when he was 10 years old. “It was amazing,” Jones said. “There are wonderful views and it’s very hot there.”

He shared that he was most impressed by the beaches, water, and sun.

    This love for traveling began in his early years. “My grandma lives in Hawaii, so my family and I got to travel to the Big Island multiple times throughout my childhood, something I treasure greatly,” Jones said.

    Though his grandmother resides in Hawaii, this plays little bias in his experience there. “The locals tend to be standoffish and they don’t add to my travel experience,” Jones said.

    Jones’ main reason to travel is to visit and experience the sights. This curious mindset began with his family. “My mom and I have a really good relationship since she’s a very positive and encouraging leader,” Jones said. “My dad’s the same way.”

Living with three older brothers, there was always closeness in the house. “Yeah, there was normal siblings fights, but those are nothing,” Jones said.   






Family travel was frequent until the parents filed for divorce.

“It’s not that sad,” Jones said. “My parents are still friends. My mom owns a personal training business out in Tacoma and she does well, but because of this, the trips to Hawaii got smaller and smaller. Now it’s just me and my mom, which is still freaking awesome!”

Jones’ older brothers have outgrown family trips and seldom make their own.   

But despite having smaller family trips, Jones has informed me that his family has agreed on going to Hawaii again this Christmas.

    Jones aims to fund his next trips with his future job. “It’s why I’m at college, it’s why I care to get a job,” Jones said.

He wants to transfer to the University of Tacoma for a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Then after he plans to go work for Google.

As for the future, Jones plans to see Ireland, Sweden, Turkey, China, Russia, Bulgaria, Spain, and the rest of Europe.

“I would like it to be a month long, just seeing Europe,” Jones said.

Even though Jones’ heritage originates from Sweden and Norway, this wasn’t a factor in his choices. “I just think these places sound cool,” Jones said. “I don’t do research or anything to help me decide where I want to go.”

When asked about how he plans to document these trips, he wants to use pictures. “Eh, I don’t think I’ll make vlogs (video logs),” Jones said. “I’ll probably just take pictures, but it’s not a big deal if I don’t.”

Jones is ambitious about his plans:

“I want money, I want plane tickets, and I want my girlfriend of five years. That's all I want out of life,” he said.

Jones is ambitious about completing his plans: “I want money, I want place tickets, and I want my girlfriend of five years. That’s all I want out of life.”

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