Thomas Shevlin

New Business and Marketing Certification draws variety of Students

Online courses emphasize relevant social media, networking, and marketing skills

October 4, 2016

The Business Department knows that many college students have extremely busy lives outside of school. To provide flexibility for students wanting to build and enhance skills that they can implement in their workplace immediately, a new online-only program is being offered.

The new Business and Marketing Certification provides unique opportunities for a variety of students on campus.  For example, business entrepreneurs and owners who don’t have a lot of extra time to do the traditional classes are able to work around their busy schedules. The classes give them important networking and social media tools, enabling them to develop their companies further.

The certification was designed to allow students to complete the work at their convenience.  The program has a total of 39 credits, which are split up into 13 credits over three quarters.  In just under a year, students can develop additional skills that will help them toward their business degrees and can be applied to businesses that they currently own.

Students who are in specific career-driven programs, such as the Digital Design Program, can also benefit from the certification.  The courses will give students in-depth information on business, marketing and social media skills that are not covered in other programs. Many businesses today expect employees to have these skills.  

Professor Taryn Givenchy teaches the program. She has previously worked for several newspapers, was the director for a large non-profit in Seattle, and has built up her own personal company by implementing her social media and marketing skills. 

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