Avenue Q Review

June 12, 2016

Avenue Q can be considered a cross between South Park and Sesame Street. The play follows a guy named Princeton and what he does after graduating college as he tries to find purpose in life. This is a great play to see for those who are in college or just graduated college. This is not a family friendly play. The songs have an adult theme to them which makes them ten times more funny.

The crowd died after every scene and every song. There were songs ranging from racism to homophobia with a positive view on the matter. The songs are catchy and can get into people’s heads soon after the play is over. The adult theme really worked well with play's story making it relatable to the audience with a humorous tone. The story is great, the plot was easy to follow and it all ties in at the end.

The actors were amazing not only did they do the voices of the puppets, but they also did the puppeteering. Actors also did multiple puppet movements and voices which was quite impressive. It was amazing to see an actor go back and forth between characters in one scene. The set, all though small, was used in a way that it seemed to be bigger than it really was. It was impressive to see how much they could do with the small set they had. They went from the small street of Avenue Q to the empire state building to all sorts of places. The props and puppets were of high quality.

They had nicely made props that really set the environment or scene they were in. The puppets seemed as if they were taken off of the set of Sesame street itself. The puppeteering was very professional they did a variety of emotions and interacted with props. If a mistake were to happen onstage the actors would stay in character making it all seem scripted. The acting between the human characters and the puppets were top, they really made it seem as if the puppets were real. The way they interacted with the puppets really sold it as if the puppets were human too and a thought of their own.

Some of the cast were seasoned actors while others this was their first play at the playhouse or first non educational play and they seemed as if they're were acting professionally for years. The humor in play was hilarious, a joke in particular that got the whole crowed laughing was a light hearted joke towards Donald Trump.

There was a scene where two roommates having an argument about being gay and how it's okay, as they argue they broke out into song and dance. Throughout the whole play you'll be laughing and smiling at funny lyrics of the songs or the situation the characters find themselves in. If you're interested in good production plays you should go check out the Lakewood Playhouse as for Avenue Q ten out of ten would see again.    


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