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Don’t hate the bun

The style of the “manbun” is not to be hated or feared, as long as it’s clean

June 8, 2016

Whether it is the hipster revolution, simple laziness or maybe even both, man buns have started to become a fad and hey, some people are into it. Just like the reverse fade 50’s, the pompadour 60’s, the Afro 70’s, the mullet 80’s or the sideburn 90’s, the 2010’s seem to feature the man bun. Everyone seems to have a side on the issue, for or against when it seems more circumstantial.

Don’t start thinking that this is being materialistic or shallow. If we simply discuss the aesthetic appeal of the man bun hair choice that some males have made, then it is purely on personal preference. It may also differ from person to person, from man to man. Someone may be sporting the perfect man bun while someone with the same exact hairstyle will be essentially unappealing.

There is a difference between being pro-man bun and being pro-self expression. If one’s hair beckons for a bun, then have fun in the bun. But, if one finds themself straying from the bun or if one has tried and disliked, then run, run from the bun.

Some still carry the notion that males should not have long hair. The phrase, “it’s 2016, get with the times,” comes to mind in response. It is already a fad and will continue to be a fad whether someone thinks men should have long hair or not. If someone decides to bun it up, then this person should not be punished for taking a liking to buns.

Regardless of whether or not any individual supports buns, most people will agree that hair (or no hair) is an important feature to carry with confidence. Wear ones hair (or lack thereof) with confidence, but please, wear it cleanly. Who knows, maybe the pro-clean hair following is small, but I fully support and follow the clean hair clan.  

Some may dig it and some may loathe it, but it’s hair and it should be well maintained. Wear one’s hair with J-Biebs side sweep or have fun with the bun, just remember that clean hair is the best hair.

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