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Music intructor Viki Jardine-Tobin conducts her students for the upcoming concert.

Music intructor Viki Jardine-Tobin conducts her students for the upcoming concert.

Hyun-Soo Seo/Staff Photo

Hyun-Soo Seo/Staff Photo

Music intructor Viki Jardine-Tobin conducts her students for the upcoming concert.

Choir prepares to perform at Puyallup Campus

Students ready themselves for concert led by new instructor Viki Jardine-Tobin

June 6, 2016

Join the choir as they take students on a journey from the classic music of Franz Schubert to the jazz culture of Shoo Bop.

Students have been preparing for the concert since early April.

The concert choir will be performing at the Puyallup Campus on June 5th at 3pm, in the Allied Arts and Health Theater.

The first half of the concert will consist of the concert choir performing songs of classic literature. The second half of the concert will be wrapped up with the help of the jazz ensemble, Little Far West Side. Roughly 30 students are a part of the concert choir at Pierce College’s Fort Steilacoom Campus.  

Typically, a concert choir tends to hold 50 members or more. Although the number of students in the concert choir are well below average, Christopher Su, a student from the Puyallup Campus, says that won’t stop them from putting on a great show.

Su has diligently attended most of the music events held by Pierce College over the past year and shows great interest in the choir.

“I like going to college concerts, because it’s a great way to support the school,” Su said. “Plus, I like listening to what different musicians have to offer.”

Jardine-Tobin is Fort Steilacoom’s new choir conductor and director and this concert will be her first time directing the choir this quarter. She strives to revamp the music program by encouraging anyone with a taste for music to join the choir.

Hyun-Soo Seo, a student, said, “Mrs. Tobin will stop to inform anyone humming in the hall, or even tapping their foot to a beat, to audition for the choir.”

Seo is currently taking one-on-one voice lessons from Jardine-Tobin and will be joining the choir for the concert as a soloist along with four others.

Jardine-Tobin has completely changed the music program with the help from her choir to create a fresh experience for the members, as well as their audience. She emphasizes that the student’s contribution to the preparation for the concert is key.

Jardine-Tobin said, “The goal of this concert is to provide legitimate art music, as well as music to entertain.”

This will be the final concert of the year.

The concert choir is a non-audition choir. Practices go from 12-12:50pm, Mondays through Thursdays. This class can be taken as voluntary or as an elective.

Jardine-Tobin stresses that this class is intended to train students to learn how to use their musical voice regardless of their experience with singing.

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