My husband and I want to conceive. We cannot have vaginal sex because of pain during intercourse. I am a day past predicted ovulation and I gave my husband a hand job. After he came I inserted my fingers into my vagina. I didn't have a lot of cum on my fingers. Could I get pregnant?


Yes, people can absolutely get pregnant that way! In fact, many couples conceive this way especially if they are dealing with painful intercourse, vaginismus, and/or erectile dysfunction during intercourse. Some couples also have the man ejaculate as close to the vaginal entrance as possible and then push as much as they can inside the vagina, so that's another possibility.


Some couples find it helpful to work with a sex therapist to address issues around painful intercourse - you can find one through - but if your main concern right now is conceiving then you are on a good track. If you try for six months or longer and don’t yet test positive for pregnancy, you might want to check in with a healthcare provider who can speak with you both about fertility testing as well as a wide range of options for becoming pregnant. Best wishes to you with conception!!

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