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Your Vote Does Count

March 10, 2016


Super Tuesday has passed and it tells you one thing; the Bernie Sanders supporters did not show up to the voting booths. Hillary Clinton ran away with seven states winning by a significant amount. One state, Massachusetts, was really close. The vote was decided by less than two percent.

Some are out there and believe their vote does not count. If Sanders supporters in the Super Tuesday states would have came out, even just a few thousand more, then the delegate distribution would have been closer to even.

It seems it is easier to go out on Twitter or Facebook and post a meme or a random info-graphic about how your candidate is better than the others or how bad the other candidates are. Sometimes standing in the freezing cold, like in Iowa, or in long lines is what it takes to get your candidate your vote. Across social media people are saying it is typical for Sanders supporters to want something, but not work for it, and that it was proven during the Primaries.

Now that isn't saying all are not showing up. Sanders has won several states on Tuesday and is still in the race. Voting sites from around those states that are closest to the universities and colleges have shown record turn outs for 18-29 year old voters. This is a group of people that Clinton cannot bring to her side.

Many are asking for change, but as students we will need to fight for this change. It will not come easy. The Republican side of the show has shown an amazing amount of turn out at the voting sites. Records are being broken all over. Many Republicans are fed up with the way the current Congress and previous Presidential candidates have failed to back them up.

There have been reports of some Democrats leaving their party and voting for Donald Trump in these elections. Trumps main demographic is white, blue collar workers with no college education. Some may think that they do not know better than to vote for him, but their numbers are growing and it seems he will be the likely Republican nominee in June.

If you are a Sanders supporter and you do not want to see Trump or Clinton in office, then you have to take control and vote. The same goes for those who are a Republican.

Go volunteer at your local office and help bring in more voters. You still have a chance here in Washington state. For Democrats, March 26 is the day that you can cast your ballot. Republicans have until May 24 to help their local offices out.

Get your friends together, register to vote, and turn in your vote. Your vote does count. Make it count. Make an informed decision though

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