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A different type of love story

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Drew Barrymore and John Krasinski star in the remarkable movie about a family of California Grey Whales trapped in ice and the incredible journey they undertake to save them.
Inspired by a true story and based on the 1989 book “Freeing the whales” by Tom Rose, this movie captures the hearts of anyone who watches it.
The filming took place in Anchorage, Alaska and was made to resemble parts of Point Barrow, Alaska where the actual event took place.

Three whales bring a town together and do the impossible in ‘Big Miracle’

The film starts off with John Krasinski’s character, Adam Carlson, wanting to move on to bigger and better things with his news-reporting career, however he stumbles across a news story that soon becomes national.
When Greenpeace representative and his ex girlfriend, Drew Barrymore’s character, Rachel Kramer hears about the whales, she will do anything in her power to save them.
Kristen Bell co-stars as a reporter from Los Angeles that cares more about succeeding in her career than the actual rescue.
From “CSI: Las Vegas,” Ted Danson also co-stars as J.W. McGraw, the new owner of the Northern Alaskan Oil Company and an enemy of Rachel Kramer and the environment, joins in on saving the whales for the publicity to his company but later gets emotionally involved and attached to the three giants.
Dermot Mulroney plays the character Colonel Scott Boyer and is appointed the Leader of the National Guard’s part in the rescue.
He just takes orders from his commanders but later can’t help but feel connected to the three whales as well as everyone else.
The native people of Point Barrow, Alaska do the biggest part in the rescue by dedicating their time to get the whales back to the open ocean, which is five miles away.
Despite the many different personalities, they must put away their personal issues with each other and fight to get the whales to freedom.
This movie is not one of the typical movies that director Ken Kwapis makes.
He also directed “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants,” and “He’s Just Not That into You.”
The ending finishes on a great note when the Russian Soviets come into the movie, owning up to the title.
This movie is great for family movie night or any other occasion. If you are an animal and environment lover, you will love it even more. I feel like anyone with a heart will fall in love with this inspiring story.
It shows that when we come together, big miracles really do happen. It has its sad, happy, and even romantic parts, which I think are the essential ingredients of a great movie.

Written by Donna Kopmar

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A different type of love story