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Scholar Dollar: How to cut on campus spending

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 Making your dollar go farther on campus

Jacquelyn Edwards
Staff Writer

Campus life is the number one spender when it comes to community college students. Community college students do not have the luxury of getting a meal plan or books as part of their tuition like many university students do. Between classes there is not the option of going back to the dorm room and it is only an hour till the next class and home is thirty minutes away. The best way to start cutting down on how much the wallet is putting out is spending less on campus, here is how:


   The big spender. You are just going to end up selling them back at the end of the quarter (or wishing you had done so five years from now). You do not need new textbooks so try going for a used one. Who cares if someone else’s notes are in it or if it has highlights in it. Those will help you. Check out places like Half Price books, the Book Exchange on the Pierce website and ads that students put up around college or on craigslist. Ebay is also a wonderful way to get used books.

Try going for Electronic Books. If you have a Kindle, Nook, computer, or Ipad you can get a textbook that is electronic sent immediately to you. You don’t have to pay for shipping or handling and they are usually cheaper than normal textbooks because no paper needs to be printed.

Rent a book. You can often rent a book for less than a quarter or what you pay for one you buy. Keep the ones that are pointed directly at your career, but you do not need an English 101 book later in life.

If you do buy a book and you need the cash, sell it. Take a look for how much it is going for and then cut it by a couple of bucks for the use. If you have a stingy teacher who decides to make their own book that you can only buy at the college, borrow it from the library and make copies, that is the cheapest and easiest option open for you.

Don’t Eat the Food

Pierce College has a wonderful array of food that appeals to all appetites of students on campus. However, they are expensive and you will soon find your wallet is out of money. Pack a lunch. It isn’t hard and it is cheap. You can get the same kind of food, for less money making it on your own than buying it from the cafeteria.

Live Without a Car

This is a hard one. Many people live farther than ten to twenty miles, but if you only live a twenty-five minute bus ride from the school; take the bus a couple times a week. You will spend less money on the bus than on your gas, car insurance, and maintenance.

These three small suggestions can help you avoid emptying  your pocket when you have to stretch what you have. Remember,  just because you want it does not mean you need it. Take a look at carpooling or campus activities. These financial tips will help you have minimize your expenses without breaking the bank.


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The student news site of Pierce College in Lakewood, Washington.
Scholar Dollar: How to cut on campus spending